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Academic Regalia

Cap and Gown Information

Academic regalia is required for degree candidates at Commencement. All candidates who do not possess regalia must obtain their regalia from the Penn Bookstore , located at 36th and Walnut Streets.

Articles of clothing that will be visible at the neck and below the gown should be in keeping with the conservative style of the academic attire. High heels should not be worn by graduates due to uneven surfaces along the procession route. The hood should be secured so that it will not slip off the shoulders. The cap is worn parallel to the ground; the tassel is worn in front and on the right side until the degree has been conferred.

In case of inclement weather, please be advised that the dye in the gown may stain clothing.

Bachelor and Masters Degree Candidates

Information about purchasing regalia will be available on this page in early spring.

History of Academic Regalia

Like other American colonial colleges, Penn borrowed its 18th-century Commencement rituals directly from the English universities. In England the history of academic dress reaches back to the early days of the oldest schools.

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Doctoral Degree Candidates

Information about renting or purchasing regalia will be available on this page in early spring.